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Criminal Defense Attorney in Vancouver, WA

Criminal Defense Attorney in Vancouver, WA

If you are the defendant accused of a crime, you will require an accomplished legal team that protects your rights while making all attempts to establish a criminal defense that can prevent a guilty verdict. Together with Joseph Loughlin, your criminal defense attorney in Vancouver, WA, you will develop a defense strategy establishing a clear argument that challenges the validity of the prosecution's evidence.

The type of defense that you and your attorney choose depends on the crime committed, as well as the evidence available to you. There are various approaches that can be presented for your defense to establish a reasoning as to how the crime came to happen. This may include subpoenaed witnesses that could have been present when the crime was committed, possible mental disorders that could have caused erratic behavior, or a self-defense situation where you might be able to plead innocent. 

Your legal counselor needs to ensure that you understand what you are up against and that you have fair representation. Count on skillful trial attorney Joseph Loughlin of the Loughlin Law Firm to do just that. With his many years of experience, he serves as your guide, helping you navigate the criminal defense system to establish the most equitable outcome.

DUI Crimes Can Have Serious Consequences

A conviction for a criminal drunk driving offense can result in jail time and potentially change your life by ruining your reputation or hindering your chances for opportunities and employment. You need to seek qualified representation as soon as possible, so that you can find a way to face the consequences, rehabilitate, and move forward.

As an accomplished Oregon and Washington attorney, Mr. Loughlin is licensed to represent the best interests of client in both states in cases of personal injury law, criminal law and DUI defenses. Contact the Loughlin Law Firm today to handle your case today.