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Legal Assistance for an Injury in Vancouver, WA

You need to be compensated if someone's actions have caused injuries that significantly impact the quality of your life. The Loughlin Law Firm provides legal assistance for an injury in Vancouver, WA, and surrounding areas, and is ready to file a personal injury lawsuit to seek monetary damages on your behalf. 

Personal Injury Attorney

You are entitled to be awarded monetary compensation for damages as a victim of certain personal injuries. Attorney Laughlin addresses your personal injury case regarding whether you should seek special damages for lost wages, lost future earnings potential, pain and suffering, and enjoyment of life. He has a track record of achieving results for clients.

Cases Handled:

Legal Assistance for an Injury in Vancouver, WA
  • Car Accidents
    Determining fault in car accidents isn’t as straightforward as some people may claim. Rear-end collisions are the easiest to identify, but if your collision was more complex than that and involved injury, it could be harder to determine. If both sides are claiming innocence, you may wish to enlist the help of an experienced personal injury attorney for a professional opinion.
  • Boating Accidents
    As with car accidents, boating accidents may not always be clear-cut enough to determine who was at fault. Indeed, many situations involving vehicle collisions call for an auto or boating accident attorney. Meeting with a professional can help you get peace of mind following a complex or tragic accident, as well as the compensation you deserve.
  • Dog Bites and Animal Attacks
    Animal attacks aren’t as open-and-close as many people claim. Depending on the details, the owner of the animal that attacked you may be liable for your damages - that is to say, your medical fees, emotional suffering, and other such items. The best way to find out whether you have options is by seeking professional animal attack legal assistance.
  • Premise Liability
    Property owners are obligated to keep their properties reasonably safe for use. However, this obligation varies depending on whether the property is private or public, whether you’re a guest, and many other less obvious factors. A premise liability lawyer can help you understand your options and/or obligations when you schedule a consultation

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